What to Be When You Grow up in Real Estate

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What to Be When You Grow up in Real Estate

The real estate industry is super interesting and there are so many different ways to slice the real estate apple, which ultimately creates this draw back and forth in what to do; also known as “shiny object syndrome” as some people call it. Real estate stories can sound like gambling bets with so many people telling a story of one time they got into real estate, it lasted for 1-2 years then exited with a bad taste in their mouth about the whole experience. We will not be going over the bad taste, this will be an array of examples of what to get into within real estate and how to use this information to help you grow up into a great position as “a successful real estate investor.”Active and Passive InvestingA couple examples of both will give you a great prospective on what would be best for you as you grow up in real estate. As much as real estate investing captures a lot of people’s attention, it really is a hard choice to pick just one. That is a source of income to invest in those real estate properties, and the other option would be to do some type of active real estate, wholesaling, real estate agent, or flipping homes to get the capital to put into the deals.

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