Combustible cladding: St Kilda apartment building evacuation order ‘avoidable’

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Combustible cladding: St Kilda apartment building evacuation order ‘avoidable’

The emergency evacuation order of a bayside apartment building that left dozens of tenants on the brink of homelessness could have been avoided if authorities contacted experts earlier. The St Kilda apartment block was branded “uninhabitable” last week due to the building’s highly flammable cladding, with residents ordered to leave their homes by May 21. The evacuation order was cancelled on Tuesday after an agreement was reached between Port Phillip Council and the owners’ corporation for emergency works to remediate the building and make it safe. The emergency works include creating a second emergency exit and removing a strip of the cladding along the side of the building. The St Kilda complex is the third property to have been issued an evacuation order in Victoria due to combustible cladding.

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