CES 2021: COVID-fighting tech from Draganfly, Airpop dominates

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CES 2021: COVID-fighting tech from Draganfly, Airpop dominates

Illustration: Preston Jessee for The Wall Street Journal...From virus-zapping drones to smart masks to disease-predicting wearables, the tech sector is showcasing ways to detect and mitigate the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic which forced this week’s 2021 Consumer Electronics Show online has also spawned innovations for fighting it. Taiwan-based electronics firm iWavenology introduced its iDistance wearable device which sounds an alarm when people fail to respect social distancing guidelines. “We’re completely overwhelmed with demand.”In a similar vein to the Draganfly system, Taiwan-based FaceHeart demonstrated its software which can be installed in cameras for contactless measurement of vital signs. One new wearable tech device being shown at CES from Colorado-based BioIntelliSense is a coin-sized wearable sticker called BioButton which can detect changes in vital signs that could be linked to COVID-19.

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