SEC Considers Legalizing Finders Fees, Commissions for Crowdfunding

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SEC Considers Legalizing Finders Fees, Commissions for Crowdfunding

There are many different institutions governing the ways in which real estate syndicates operate, and the Securities and Exchanges Commission is among the most important. This is because when a company syndicates a deal, they are not selling real estate, per se. To put it simply, by allowing non-accredited investors to participate in this sector, the pool of possible investors can suddenly be expanded from nearly 14 million accredited investors to also include over 200 million non-accredited investors in the United States. Crowdfunding Goes MainstreamPerhaps accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, these changes have helped real estate crowdfunding continue its steady movement from the periphery of the investment world to a mainstream wealth-building vehicle. Real estate investing is no longer reserved for the few; rather, it is now much more open to the many.

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