Now Its Time To Figure Out Your Exit Strategy

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Now Its Time To Figure Out Your Exit Strategy

If you are a wholesaler and like doing mobiles there are tons of opportunities because mobiles sell relatively cheap but because of that your profits will be smaller on each home you sell.Some of the best MH wholesale deals are where the homes have to be moved. if you like to fix and flip on the retail market you will have lots of opportunities in the MH space just keep in mind the profits will be smaller because of the price points, the good things are they are cheaper to repair than conventional stick built homes and easier to sell due to the price point. Lots of the buyers will have cash because financing can be difficult to obtain in this space. Rent To Own/Lease Option are other ways to sell MH's, these strategies are used when the buyer needs time to build up their credit to get a mortgage to purchase the home within a certain time frame, one of the benefits to this is the buyers can lock in the sale price for a home purchase a couple of years in the future. Happy Investing Mobile Home Family

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