New Dead Sea Scrolls found in Israel’s ‘Cave of Horror’

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New Dead Sea Scrolls found in Israel’s ‘Cave of Horror’

Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority via Storyful...New Dead Sea Scroll fragments have been discovered in what researchers call the ‘Cave of Horror’. The famous Dead Sea Scrolls are ancient Jewish religious manuscripts that were first found in the Qumran Caves in the desert to the north of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Scrolls are actually made up of 900 manuscripts thought to be written by an ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes. DEAD SEA SCROLLS EXPLAINEDThe first examples of Dead Sea Scrolls are said to have been discovered in 11 caves along the northwest shore of the Dead Sea between 1946/47 and 1956. The Dead Sea Scrolls include fragments from every book of the Old Testament except for the Book of Esther.

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