Miami Swim Week 2021: Racy duct tape bikinis return to catwalk

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Miami Swim Week 2021: Racy duct tape bikinis return to catwalk

With everyone stuck inside for most of 2020, there were no festivals or fashion shows to test the water with an itty bitty new swimsuit style. Ahh, the sweet smell of normality and with it comes the return of the long-forgotten duct tape bikini trend which made a comeback at the 2021 Miami Swim Week. There were also a few that resembled the classic “Borat mankini” hopefully without the wedgie though (there are perks to body moulding duct tape after all) – as well as more elaborate “mosaic” style creations. In the past, the risque fashion trend has been worn to festivals by the brave, leaving many questioning how they go to the bathroom while wearing it. RELATED: Duct tape bikini: Reality of wearing daring trendElsewhere at Miami Swim Week 2021, many shows have been praised for being “inclusive”, with catwalks featuring women of diverse body types, ages and races – though it appears the duct tape show missed the memo: *face palm*.

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