Metro Detroit Cities Deep Dive: Redford Township

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Metro Detroit Cities Deep Dive: Redford Township

We’ve decided to use our lifetime of experience as local residents and property managers to put together a “Metro Detroit City Deep Dive” series, where we take a close look at the strengths and weaknesses of each Metro Detroit area, one at a time. As a general rule with all Metro Detroit cities, the further you get from Detroit itself, the higher the property values tend to be. Unemployment - Slightly lower than the national average- Slightly lower than the national averageEducation - Again, roughly on par with the national average. Diversity - See below- See belowBased on these details, the tenant class is on the higher end of the Metro Detroit spectrum. This is the first installment in our deep dive series on Metro Detroit neighborhoods, but we’ll be updating you with a closer look at other areas in the weeks to come, until we’ve covered them all.

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