Market Begins to Cool; Natural Disasters Spawn Moves

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Market Begins to Cool; Natural Disasters Spawn Moves

A roundup of news and information from around the web about real estate, personal finance, and the economy. Buyers are quickly buying up what few homes are left on the market, with sales continuing to be dragged down somewhat by increasingly short inventory. Related: Real Estate News Roundup: Unexpected Flock to Fire-Prone Areas; Multifamily Move-Ins Rebound; Trump Condos’ Appeal FadesWildfires have ravaged the U.S. this year, burning millions of acres across California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. With low inventory and sustained buyer demand, traffic jumped 64.1% year-over-year nationwide. Nevertheless, Louisiana is tracking ahead of 2019 figures for showing activity in what has proven to be a resilient real estate market.

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