Illuminati: New World Order card game ‘predicted’ 9

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Illuminati: New World Order card game ‘predicted’ 9

Sealed decks of Illuminati: New World Order (INWO) cards currently fetch up to $1300 on sites like Amazon and eBay. Some sought-after individual cards – such as “Terrorist Nuke”, which depicts a scene uncannily similar to the 9/11 attacks – go for more than $50 apiece. One card, “Epidemic”, depicts a pile of body-bags, a face mask, gloves, disinfectant and the word “quarantine”. to its attack.”A card dubbed “Political Correctness” depicts two men hanging by nooses with signs reading “used insensitive pronoun” and “ate flesh of dead animals”. Other cards include “Market Manipulation”, “Sweeping Reforms”, “Rewriting History”, “Gun Control”, “March on Washington”, “Combined Disasters”, “Media Blitz”, “Urban Gangs” and “World War Three”.

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