If Bitcoin is a religion, then Coinbase is its Vatican

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If Bitcoin is a religion, then Coinbase is its Vatican

Make sure you don’t miss Byrne Hobart’s new writeup of the upcoming Coinbase IPO, which is sure to be a massive story on The Street as we get closer. It’s worth paying attention to Coinbase now because this might be the next $100 billion company upon coming public. Byrne makes the case that Coinbase has done a good job thus far in building a bridge between the Bitcoin zealots -whose early adoption brought trading revenue in – and the incumbent financial establishment. As regulations take shape for the crypto-ing of financial services, Coinbase is in a highly favorable position to conduct the sort of intergroup diplomacy necessary to continue the process of mainstreaming. Byrne has opened this up to all readers, not just subscribers to his wonderful Substack letter “The Diff” – you can read it below:Understanding Coinbase (The Diff)

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