How Tech Is 'Democratizing' Real Estate and What It Means for REI

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How Tech Is 'Democratizing' Real Estate and What It Means for REI

In every large-scale real estate venture, for example, we will need to create a power structure that is not only efficient but also equitable. The crucial passage of the JOBS Act in 2012 introduced real estate crowdfunding, which consequently shattered the otherwise seemingly insurmountable barrier to entry that many aspiring real estate investors were facing. Related: SEC Proposes New Rules on Finders Fees & Commissions for CrowdfundingWhat Does It Mean to “Democratize” Real Estate? This incredible structural shift has helped redefine how real estate projects are organized, controlled, and executed. The once rigid lines between ordinary people and real estate tycoons have become blurred as the distinctions between them continue to diminish.

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