Econ Gangs of New York

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Econ Gangs of New York

The gang’s leader is Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, they can often be found at their stronghold (Krugman’s soapbox column in the New York Times) chanting ‘Spend, Baby, Spend’ or ‘Deficits Don’t Matter’. The Inflationistas – Gang leader Dr. Allan Meltzer (Carnegie Mellon) sees the potential for inflation everywhere he looks. The New Normalers – The mantra that we are in a low growth, high tax, heavily regulated investment world originated with gang leader Bill Gross (Pimco) and his second-in-command Mohamed El-Erian. Splinter factions within this group worship gold, guns and potable drinking water, they’ve been stockpiling for nearly 4 years now. ***These are the Econ Gangs one must watch out for here as we head into the unknown.

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