Australia’s most bogan baby names of 2021 revealed

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Australia’s most bogan baby names of 2021 revealed

While 2020 has been quite the train wreck, new parents have responded with some doozies when naming their newborns....Every year, I think my annual bogan baby names list will be the last because surely I’ve covered every bogan name in Australia. Best bogan names for girlsCHARDAENah, nah, nah. Sign up to the Kidspot newsletter for more stories like thisBest bogan names for boysCRASHI didn’t believe baby names could get any gloomier than Pistol, Dagger and Axe, but I was wrong. At least weapons have a badass appeal to them, but I can’t think of one good thing about a gory collision. LUNDYNNI find fancy city names a bit pretentious to start with (think London, Paris, Monaco and Vegas), but this spelling slaughter is just rude.

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