15 least popular Australian baby names in 2021

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15 least popular Australian baby names in 2021

It appears Aussies don’t really care for names such as Heidi, Madeline, Tyler and Jake as they have officially been booted from the Top 100 most popular baby names of 2021. According to the latest study by McCrindle Research, there were twice as many baby girls names that exited than boys. “Heidi was ranked 78 in 2020 and to see it drop out completely was really interesting,” Ashley Fell, social researcher of Australia’s Top Baby Names 2021 report, told news.com.au. “While only five new boys’ names were added to the Top 100 list, twice as many girls’ names were added (10), and when we look at the most popular names that have emerged in the Top 100 over the last decade, there are three times as many girls’ names that have entered, than boys’ names,” she said. While Charlotte maintains her reign, Amelia has now eclipsed the name Olivia for the second most popular girls’ name.

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